Mercer calling the kettle black

The South Dakota Farmers Union is driving an initiative that would create a commission to redraw districts in a state with 66 counties: 40 more than there should be.

Veteran South Dakota reporter, Bob Mercer is blaming Democrats for not being able to get their acts together but he's glossing over the facts to protect his church and his political party from scrutiny for decades of collusion in covering up clergy crimes committed against children.

But, Mercer is caught between a boulder and and a hard-on: if he exposes the very criminals he covers he will lose access to them, jeopardize the meager salary that supports his own family or put his personal safety at risk.

Ya know, Bob: you have direct knowledge of infidelitous behaviors among members of South Dakota’s GOP congressional delegation, a culture of corruption by SDGOP in Pierre, prostitution among GOP legislators and other stories you have refused to cover to keep the Republican Party scum at the top of the pond. That you blame us for dropping the ball is hypocrisy of the highest order.

Meanwhile, the SDGOP propaganda machine awaits with bated breath and runs out the clock.

Read Mercer's schlock linked here, Cory's analysis linked here and KDLT's story on the initiative linked here.

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