American Clarion: remove Alan Aker from Meade County Commission

Gotta love this GOP on GOP violence, init?

Bob Ellis deleted his tweet.

Imagine a prog blogger's jaw hitting the keyboard.
Dear South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard, Senator John Thune, Senator Mike Rounds, Representative Kristi Noem, Attorney General Marty Jackley, State Attorney Kevin J. Krull and the Meade County Commissioner's office: We do not believe Mr. Aker is a worthy representative of Meade County, the State of South Dakota, or the United States of America. We request his immediate resignation or removal from office.
Read it here.

A white supremacist and earth scorcher Aker has screwed South Dakotans and US taxpayers for decades.

Lawsuits have been filed to prevent the newly manufactured municipality of Buffalo Chip from existence as a town of about 34 sinners. Opponents are presenting the likelihood of American Indian grave sites along a proposed highway near the property as leverage.
All the Tribal Historic Preservation Offices associated with the Bear Butte sacred protected area in Meade County have been notified about a study revealing the possibility of burial sites on the proposed route of a controversial bypass road near the peak, a spokesperson for Meade County Taxpayers for Responsible Government (MCTRG) said May 18. During a May 14 Meade County Commission meeting, Highway Superintendent Ken McGirr responded to questions from Chair Alan Aker, referring to the possibility of several ceremonial grave sites found during an archeological study of the proposed Sturgis bypass route just a few miles from Bear Butte, Ft. Meade and the historic Custer Trail. By raising the issue at the commission meeting, Aker indicated an interest in pursuing the route despite citizen opposition, according to Prairie Hills Audubon Society Chapter President Nancy Hilding. [Talli Nauman, Native Sun News]
The Sturgis Rally is a bacchanal that contradicts South Dakota's image as a wholesome place to visit.

Let's just say that the author of American Clarion, Bob Ellis, is no friend of the Court and agrees with Aker on far more than he disagrees.

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larry kurtz said...

Update, 5 May, 0750 MDT, earth hater Aker has been suspended from the Meade County Board of Commissioners: Rapid City Journal.