Sunday, January 30, 2011

Reich debates at oligarch conference

Clinton Labor secretary, Robert Reich is slated to appear as a panelist (presumably one of a handful of token Democrats) at a super secret Koch-hosted retreat in Palm Springs this weekend. 

The Nation's Nancy Goldstein writes:

Now, thanks to some fine investigative reporting, we know that the brothers—the fifth richest folks in the United States—are radical right-wingers whose dad served on the John Birch Society’s governing body. Lee Fang of Think Progress tagged them early on as primary funders for the allegedly populist Tea Party, whose coast-to-coast “spontaneous” uprisings against Obama and taxation, were carefully orchestrated by staff. A March 2010 Greenpeace report uncloaked Koch Industries as a “financial kingpin of climate science denial and clean energy opposition,” and unveiled their underwriting of organizations like the Mercatus Center, Heritage Foundation, and Cato Institute, whose pseudo-academic “research” and “reports” lobby for the wealthy and powerful from behind the protection of tax exempt, nonprofit status.
Also in attendance is Eric Cantor (R-VA), House majority leader and one of anti-Earth's largest campaign recipients of Koch Industries' ecoterror ponziarchy.

Other Republicans having sucked from the Koch tit include South Dakota's very own John Thune, Marty Jackley, and Kristi Noem.  Dirty energy also pollutes Montana's (a purple state TEAtering on failure) Denny Rehberg, who defied President Obama's plea for members of Congress to sit with opposition at the State of the Union address and sat with fellow GOP slimesuckers as far to the right in the chamber as physically possible.

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