Noem: Mailer Information Legislative Franking?

From the Sewer Falls Argus Leader h/t South Dakota War Toilet as it defends Bimbo At-large Krusti Noem:
During her House campaign last year, Noem attacked then-Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin's use of mailers as inappropriate. Congressional offices enjoy "franking" privileges that allow them to send mass mailings to constituents at taxpayer expense. The longstanding practice has been criticized for giving incumbents an advantage.

Care to comment without fear of censorship?

The United Snakes Department of Agriculture budget looks gluttonous what with all the subsidies for industrial agriculture and Malathion. hipneck spotlights Frankenfood and worse in school cafeterias as food becomes a weapon in corporatocracy's arsenal against local producers. Commenter Nathan sounds off at the open section of the USDA's site:

The resources are already here. They don't have to be discovered. We have acres of ground in this country that we are paying people NOT to farm, and we have people who are very interested in farming/ranching but know they cannot make a decent living at it and/or don't have any ties to land with which to get started. It is the right direction to go if it is something that can be produced in this nation with our people and lessens our dependence on other nations, and increases the bottom line for every American, financially and psychologically.
It's time to stand up to industrial agriculture.

And why is the Forest Service in there?


Duffer said...

Hey man - cheers to Montanans for voting in a guy like Schweitzer. I like that veto to uphold the vote of the people to protect medical cannabis patients. Repukes truly are cheap-shot pros (or is it prophylactics?). They didn't have the guts to pass a petition and ask for a revote - watch 'em, now all they'll do is bitch.

But seriously . . . CHEERS!

larry kurtz said...

I was never really worried no matter nuts they got, Duff. Wish he would run for Rehberg's seat.