Maestro Martin Busch passes

Martin Busch is gone.

The Rapid City Journal tells us:

Busch served as executive director for SDPB from 1960 to 1984. He was first appointed director of KUSD-AM in 1960 and in 1961 oversaw the establishment of KUSD-TV, the first educational television station in the state and flagship station of SDPB. During his tenure, he participated in the early development of organizations that eventually became Public Broadcasting System and National Public Radio. He served on the PBS Board of Directors from 1973-1979 and retired from SDPB in 1984.
In 2001, after it had already become Bill Janklow's idea of public radio, Busch was in the middle of reading Kristin Lavransdatter when a brash jazz aficionado named Jim Clark burst in and started a new show.

Dominus vobiscum, Maestro.


Anonymous said...

I have such fond memories of Martin Busch reading "The Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition." The Father of my children had finally left us for the last time. The baby was just little, the middle child was in elementary school. I would get off of work, pick the kids up at day care and come home. The baby would be fussy, the elementary school kid would be cranky and hungry and the high schooler would be needing dinner before play practice. I would put the baby in the back pack and cook dinner with Martin Busch reading to me. He kept me from hating the Man Who Leaves and Does Not Take Care of His Children and hating my life and hating the world. Thanks Marin Busch. He stopped reading Kristin Lavransdatter because he had a stroke. Uncle Jimmo must have been the best they could do. He is now gone.

larry kurtz said...

He was reading The Journey of the Corps of Discovery by Dayton Duncan during the Oklahoma City bombing, right?

Anonymous said...

Get a job.