ip, Weekly Standard: It's Pawlenty/Rubio

Jerk yourself out of red state collapse and mail a check to your favorite public radio network today. NPR posts this reprint from Jay Cost at the Weekly Standard:

A "fringe" nominee is unlikely. Daniels, Pawlenty, and Romney have all demonstrated crossover appeal — with Pawlenty and Romney winning in historically Democratic states, and Daniels winning reelection in 2008 in Indiana even as Obama carried the state. This is why, since the party reforms of the 1970s, most Republican nominees have been downright "boring." George H. W. Bush, Bob Dole, George W. Bush, and John McCain have been the selections in the last 20 years — and even Ronald Reagan was not really an insurgent in 1980. By that point, he had served for two terms as governor of the largest state in the union, and had stood for the GOP nomination twice already. On top of that, there are enough very serious figures out there who make the base swoon — perfect for the vice presidential nomination. Marco Rubio is the first that comes to mind.
Yawn...Daniels is too closely tied to the Bush43 regime and Romney takes orders from Zion leaving Pawlenty to quote lines from his favorite movie at every town hall.

And leave the TEAballers to hang their heads:

Or, are we just pawns?

Voices of the Heartland film society has scheduled its May selection at the Elk's Theatre for Memorial Day:

Fresh Air was the source for this NPR story back on September 11, 2009. Here are 42 lessons, complete with helpful links, that we can learn from urbanites about how not to make trash posted at Life as a Human:

Together with his family, Colin Beavan—aka No Impact Man—spent a year trying to live in the middle of New York City without having a negative impact on the environment. One of his first challenges: getting through everyday life without producing trash.

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