Rehberg, Noem, Lummis: cheap sex ok

Never mind that Teapublicans want to protect BP, shield their own livestock operations from compliance with the Peoples' rules, extirpate wolves from the Mountain West, and allow shooters to spray lead on wetlands. Now, a sharp-eyed contributor catches Montana's Dennyrection Rehberg, Wyoming's Cynthia Lummox and South Dakota's Krusti Noem in an inappropriate embrace:

kw photo

Democrats=safe; Republicans=cheap.

Looks like Cory and ip woke up thinking the same stuff. Be very afraid, CAH.
Rehberg received $7,971 directly from USDA in 1995-2002. Rehburg’s wife, Jan Rehberg, received $51 directly from USDA in 2008. Jan Rehberg also has ownership in two entities that received payments. She has a 33 percent stake in Lenhardt Property LP, which received $517 in 2006-2009. She also has a 5.6 percent stake in Teigen Land and Livestock Company, which received $31,890 in 2002-2003. Rehberg’s financial disclosure forms for 2009 show ownership in Lenhardt Farm LLC, Rehberg Ranch and Rehberg Ranch Land and Livestock. None appears in the EWG Farm Subsidy Database. EWG’s estimate of farm subsidies to Rehberg and his wife, using the percentage share information provided to USDA, is $9,980 in 1995-2009.

Noem was a partner in Racota Valley Ranch until 2008. Racota Valley Ranch received $3,058,152 in farm subsides in 1995-2008. Her ownership percentage was 13.5 percent in 2000-2001 and 16.9 percent in 2002-2008. Her 2009 financial disclosure form lists her as a partner in Racota Valley Ranch. EWG’s estimate of federal farm subsidies paid to Noem is $443,748.

Lummis is a 31.33 percent owner of Lummis Livestock, which received $47,093 in farm subsidies in 1996-2002. She lists her ownership of Lummis Livestock in her 2009 financial disclosure form. EWG’s estimate of farm subsidies paid to Lummis is $14,289 between 1996 and 2002.
What would happen if the Guantanamo detainees were tried in Cuban courts? From NPR's Fresh Air:

Male bat bugs don't look for an access point to inject their sperm. Instead, they stab the female's abdomen repeatedly, trying to deposit their sperm directly into her bloodstream. To protect themselves, the female bat bugs developed a spongy, immune cell-filled structure — Stewart calls it a "false organ" — on their abdomen to accept the sperm without being repeatedly stabbed.

The Missoulian article on the neighbors' lawsuit has drawn 106 comments. Most recently this:

Please show us all where "anyone" has a "right" to get married. ANYONE???

Thank you, Herb my brother, for helping to make Deadwood a better National Historic Landmark. From the RCJ:

Work began Monday on the rebuilding of the Pineview Building on Lee Street in Deadwood. Storefronts along Main Street that have been affected by the collapsing building were opened up to begin airing rotting timbers. Next week, workers will begin removing the rotted timbers.

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