Tester at JeffCo Dems

Sixty five Democrats welcomed Senator Jon Tester to the Jefferson County Fairgrounds as he sized up his 2012 showdown with unfortunate Republican Dennybriated Rehberg.

Crappy photo by ip.


After some lasagna, Tester arose to introduce Sharla his wife, Ted Dick, the chairman of the Montana Democrats, and his reelection staff. He talked about wolf de-listing, too. ip remains unconvinced.

Several prominent Democrats were in attendance: ip had the opportunity to speak at length with Missoula legislator, Dave Wanzenried, who has held off the Republican assault on the Montana Statehouse and is an announced candidate for governor.

Boulder's proximity to Helena makes a relatively small number of Democrats accessible to politicos at the grassroots even though we are thoroughly outnumbered by the Republican earth haters of Jefferson County.

Interestingly enough, ip attended a baby shower earlier that day in Basin because the goddess was at a conference. The wife and daughter of TEAballing legislator Alan Hale avoided ip like the plague. Several christians who were also there blatantly ignored my attempt to sell tickets to our Demo dinner where the group also revealed copious apathy to the democratic process.


Here is the summary from our most excellent information director:

The Jefferson-Jackson Annual Fundraiser Dinner held last evening was a huge success and a lot of fun! I would like to thank Leslie, Shirley, Mike, and all the other wonderful volunteers who helped organize this event, and to those who baked such delectable dishes, and to those who donated the terrific variety of goodies for the live auction (and, wasn't that fun!)...Kudos to all!!! If you were not able to attend, you can still send your donation to the Jefferson County Democrats!
Karole Lee
457 Lump Gulch Road
Clancy, Montana 59634

Is this a sweet prom picture or what?

OK, so ip should admit to a wrong-headed conclusion: Judge Malloy didn't sustain the wolf so much as he sustained Congress. A recent ip poll revealed six of ten respondents disagreed with his ruling.

If Senator Tester represents the wishes of a majority of Montanans (and I think he does) by adding a rider that removes the wolf from the protection of ESA to a budget resolution, then he deserves my respect for that even though he is fucking wrong.


freegan said...

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This article first appeared on Salon.com.

In December, President Obama signed legislation to extend hundreds of billions of dollars in Bush tax cuts, benefiting the wealthiest Americans. Last week, Obama agreed to billions of dollars in cuts that will impose the greatest burden on the poorest Americans. And now, virtually everyone in Washington believes, the President is about to embark on a path that will ultimately lead to some type of reductions in Social Security, Medicare and/or Medicaid benefits under the banner of "reform." Tax cuts for the rich -- budget cuts for the poor -- "reform" of the Democratic Party's signature safety net programs -- a continuation of Bush/Cheney Terrorism policies and a new Middle East war launched without Congressional approval. That's quite a legacy combination for a Democratic President.
April 18, 2011 6:56 PM

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