Montana activist cripples law enforcement, foils blogger

The suicide cells have awakened in Montana.

In a maneuver that embarrasses the most devious eco-saboteur, an Earth defender disabled equipment to take out the power in downtown Helena, the Lewis and Clark County Law Enforcement Center, and some rural subscribers to the Grid. The Helena Independent Record tells readers:

About 2,600 customers were out of power for about an hour Thursday morning after a squirrel caused an outage at a substation on the south side of town. Another 242 customers in Basin were without power for about 20 minutes, according to NorthWestern Energy spokeswoman Claudia Rapkoch.
At this hour the Basin area is seeing copious white shit falling from the sky. Here is the webcam on I-15 at Elk Park. Boulder Hill was closed earlier seeing a jack-knifed semi and snowplow in the ditch.

A tip from hipneck led ip to video of a recent fireball at SpaceWeather.com:

Bill Cooke of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office reports: "On April 6th at 8:21:57 CDT, NASA all-sky meteor cameras detected a very bright fireball moving north across the state of Tennessee. The NASA Meteoroid Environment Office has reasonable confidence that some fraction of this meteor survived to the ground as one or more meteorites."
NOAA is just one more way that We the People fund planetary defense.

May goddess have mercy on us all.

Democrats=safe water, safe food, safe shelter, safe sex.

Republicans=cheap water, cheap food, cheap shelter, cheap sex.

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