Sunday, February 23, 2014

Today's intersection: Huron and Genesee/Wyoming

We the People owe the Peoples' Republic of China some money. They sell us useless plastic items that kill us.

East River flooding is again going to produce millions of acre feet of heavily polluted water. South Dakota's designation as chemical toilet could be reassigned to "recovering" if Huron, at the junction of rail and James River, could produce fuel for locomotives from waste plastics with technology that is otherwise water-intensive.
Early this month, the Canadian Pacific Railway announced an agreement to sell portions of its railways in the United States to the Genesee and Wyoming Inc., which operates short line and regional freight railroads. That would include all 600 miles of Dakota, Minnesota and Eastern lines in South Dakota, according to the announcement. But the so-called Britton line is not a part of the sale, as it is publicly owned. [Scott Waltman, Farm Forum]

Metal shredding in Japan.
Mayor Paul Aylward says the city will also make progress in sewer main and manhole lining projects, and is setting aside money so that a year from now it can hopefully afford construction of a new public works building. In an address to the Beadle County Democratic Forum on Thursday, he also outlined the need to do something about the former municipal pool, closed two years ago, and the old water treatment plant, shuttered a decade ago. Another bright spot, and one that is also getting better, is the city’s new recycling program. As of January, there has been a 16 percent reduction in the volume of garbage being trucked to the Pierre landfill. The goal is 25 percent, at which time the city may be able to feasibly have a sorting center here rather than trucking recyclables to Sioux Falls. There are 1,730 recycling containers out in the community, with a goal of 3,000. [Roger Larsen, Huron Plainsman]

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