Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pierre mayor embracing Agenda 21

Pierre's struggling mayor wants her town to compete for recognition by the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, or ICLEI.
The campaign is a yearlong series of events and activities that promotes a clean and healthy community that usually starts around Earth Day on April 22. Pierre Mayor Laurie Gill started the program in 2010 to gather support from businesses and citizens to keep the community looking vibrant. “I believe when you visit any town in the U.S., you can immediately tell how much people care about keeping their city clean,” Gill said. [David Rookhuyzen, Pierre Capital Journal]
Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Rep. Susan Wismer seemed incredulous when one of her extremist earth hater counterparts, Rep. Jim Bolin, attacked Black Hills State University President Kay Schallenkamp for her work greening that campus.

In his groundbreaking 1964 work on the Plains Indians, Royal Hassrick wrote, "the Sioux practiced Communism with extreme prejudice." -The Sioux: Life and Customs of a Warrior Society.


whisker child said...

Why don't you check out DEMOCRATS AGAINST AGENDA 21?

Read Rosie Koire's book on Agenda 21- forget its name; but it details her discovery of Ag 21 through her work as an Eminent Domain lawyer.

She helps her clients fight eminent domain, and in so doing, she saw patterns, that led her to Ag 21, ICLEI and the rest.

She was appalled at what she found.

So she wrote a book.

larry kurtz said...

KXL sketched on a thumbnail. Thank you for your comment.