Sunday, February 2, 2014

Weiland courting tribes, college voters

The Peoples Republic of Brookings is not just home to South Dakota's most obese GOP blogger.
Small businessman Rick Weiland stopped in Brookings for a second time campaigning for the senate position on Tuesday, Jan. 28. Weiland and his team have been to 271 towns across the state so far and plan on attending 361. For the rest of this week their next stop is Pierre and Fort Pierre and eventually going west to Cheyenne River, Timber Lake and towns north of Bell[e] Fourche. Weiland has also been to several college towns including Vermillion, Madison and Aberdeen. He believes that college students have a huge stake in the election. He wants to spend more time on college campuses in hope to get more student votes. In order to gain student votes, Weiland said that he wants to make education more affordable. Also he claims students should be able to get a good job after completing their education. “That is the way it is supposed to be … cost is frightening and there’s a mountain of debt that comes with higher education, where’s the incentive in that?” Weiland said. This is Weiland’s 81st public meeting. Already, nine tribes endorse his campaign. [Sara Bertsch, Democrat candidate familiarizes with Brookings community, SDSU Collegian]

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