Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fort Pierre could host plastics into fuel

Another report from Ecotrope prompted today's intersection:
The facility would be able to produce roughly 2.6 million gallons of oil a year from 23 million pounds of plastic. It would gasify the plastic material and re-condense it into the oil-like product that would be sold to a refinery. --Cassandra Profita
"Switching from coal to natural gas like switching from cigarettes to chewing tobacco" --Trey Pollard, Sierra Club.
All plastics are made with oil, all industrial fertilizers are made with oil, there are seven gallons of oil in every tire and every car we build requires thousands of gallons of oil to manufacture. Ink, bubble gum, dishwashing detergent, deodorant, hand lotion, shoes, sweaters, lipstick, toothbrushes and toothpaste are made with oil. Nearly everything you and I use in our day-to-day routines is brought to us courtesy of the thick, black condensation—formed by the millions of years of pressurization of dead organisms—that we call oil.--Aaron Abel, Indiana Statesman
One Lakota oyate has declared war on the corporations of the United States.

Lake Oahe, laden with toxic silt: victim of a century of mining and industrial agriculture (because burning diesel fuel to make ethanol makes so much sense) is subject of a pending water war.

South Dakota's designation as failed state could be reassigned to "recovering" in Fort Pierre, at the junction of rail and Missouri River, if the stupid fuckers that run South Dakota would build facilities to produce fuel for locomotives from waste plastics with technology that is otherwise water-intensive.

Plastic shredding in China. We the People owe the Peoples' Republic some money. They sell us useless plastic items that kill us.

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