Missouri River lawsuit to expose folly of main stem dams

Every year we read something like, "Army Corps Mulling Spring Pulse." One year in the Rapid City Journal it went:
The Army Corps of Engineers said it might cancel the March surge of extra water meant to help an endangered fish in the Missouri River. The so-called spring pulse below Gavins Point Dam is meant to replicate a natural spring rise that prompts the pallid sturgeon to spawn. The corps said the two-day March pulse could be canceled if the river level is already high from spring runoff. The corps said implementing a second pulse planned for May also will depend on the river level.
Todd Epp apparently has heard it before, too.

From a superlative trove of events on the Missouri River called the Big Muddy News is this:
Corps of Engineers discuss ‘liquid highway’ by Marshall White originally published in St. Joseph News-Press - February 9, 2011 original link: http://www.newspressnow.com/localnews/26814051/detail.html
KANSAS CITY — The liquid highway is at St. Joseph’s western doorstep and will be about as good as it can get in 2011. That was the word from Army Corps of Engineers officials, in Kansas City on Wednesday to meet with navigators, shippers and boaters. “For Missouri River users, this is as good as it’s going to get,” said John LaRandeau, the corps’ navigation program specialist. In fact, this may be the best the river has been in about the last 40 years, he said.
The path leads to Roy Blunt's door.

The withdrawal of Jim DeMint elevated water warrior Senator Roy Blunt (earth hater-MO) to lead his assault from the lower Missouri River basin.

Now, Roy Blunt's war with South Dakota's power over the river is escalating.
A multi-state move is under way to sue the federal government for damages that occurred during the 2011 flood, and more than a few people from the local area are interested in the possibility of taking part. Seth Wright, a lawyer for the Kansas City, Mo.-based Polsinelli Law Firm, spent an hour Friday evening laying out potential legal action to a crowd of roughly 80 individuals from Pierre and Fort Pierre at the AmericInn Convention Center. State Sen. Dan Lederman, R-Dakota Dunes, helped arrange the meeting and put out notices on his Facebook page. Another meeting occurred at Dakota Valley High School in North Sioux City on Saturday. [David Rookhuyzen, Pierre Capital Journal]
Tony Mangan of KCCR Radio covered the next salvo in the Missouri River war.

President Obama: decertify the dinosaurs that are the main stem dams, tear the earth fuckers down and rewild the West.

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