Rapid City paper given deadline

Stock in Powertech Uranium continues to slide.

As her party crashes around her, Rep. Krusti Noem (earth hater-SD) is struggling to remain relevant and two washed-up former governors are ganging up to thwart her Senate aspirations.

The speaker list at the National Rifle Association convention reads like the defendant roster at a war crimes tribunal: Ollie North, Ted Nugent...who's missing: The Dick, Cheney?

Recent polls have revealed that a failed vote to curb gun violence has boosted Democrats in red states.

Democratic former Stephanie Herseth Sandlin has an 'A' rating from the National Rifle Association. If she gets into a Senate race will she take their money?

Attendees of Spring band and orchestra concerts have been witnessing that there are many young American Indians in Rapid City schools who love playing, not just music, but jazz, too.

But all is not peace and understanding in the community writes Brandon Ecoffey, Native Sun News' managing editor:
The Rapid City Journal has until July 20, 2013, to clean up its act or the United Urban Warrior Society will begin to picket outside of the RCJ’s office. In the past certain readers have used the comment section to promote racial bigotry and stereotypes. Often the comments were allowed to stay up on the site for days, despite claims from the RCJ that they strictly moderate the forum. The RCJ routinely runs images of Native people in jumpsuits and has recently taken petty crimes and sensationalized them as front page news.--All content © Native Sun News, posted at Indianz
With very few exceptions, the online issue of the paper is a waste of electrons and my perusal of reader comments ceased years ago. It has long been the view of this interested party that Editor Randy Rasmussen should be reassigned: preferably to some Oklahoma rag.

While the US assesses the futility of the Iraq War and the appalling legacy of the Bush years, obituaries have been interesting diversions lately in South Dakota: the Land of Infinite Hypocrisy.

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Armed rebellion in the US is reserved for:people who depend on gov't aid and they cant print any more!