Spring storms linked to climate disruptions; blogger slimed

A spiking caseload for the office of US Attorney for South Dakota, Brendan Johnson is due to increasing numbers of prosecutions in Indian Country.

As gun sales soar and permits proliferate in the state, a shooting at a South Dakota high school has sent one to an area hospital.

Minnesota Public Radio's weather blod, meteorologist Paul Huttner is attributing recent record Spring snow events to massive and accelerating changes in climate.

Because they're too big to fail, Xcel Energy is expected to reap even more profits from governors seeking disaster declarations.

Surprise: Republicans and their poorly-educated base believe an armed insurrection is inevitable!

Of course, this interested party knew it already but now the evidence is in: suicide among middle-aged white people is on the rise.

Recent polls have revealed that a failed vote to curb gun violence has boosted Democrats in red states.

It's being reported that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives will send fewer agents to Sturgis for the Rally. Meanwhile, over 500 pounds of explosives are missing in Montana.

The GOP-led US House is in chaos.

My tweet on Meg Lanker-Simons brought the author of The Daily Caller and his long trail of slime into my feed. The episode is evolving: story at the Laramie Boomerang.

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