War College employee found with child porn

A preliminary hearing has been scheduled on 120 counts of possession after some 10,000 images of children were found on the computer of a War College employee. The lawyer for the accused says his client is a victim of identity theft. Read the story here.

Introduced grass species creeping onto public lands are reducing diversity in the Prairie Pothole Region and threatening duck habitat:
North America’s grassland biome, exemplified mainly by the vast Great Plains, is arguably the continent’s most endangered major ecosystem, with widespread grassland declines attributed mainly to conversion agriculture.--US Fish and Wildlife Service.
As fire restrictions are posted on the Black Hills National Forest Doxy Denny Daugaard delivered disaster demands, delayed debate declaration.

Yesterday's drive by the Roubaix Cemetery in Lawrence County revealed that it's surrounded by increasingly drying second-growth pine. The Forest Service wants local governments to give back subsidies mostly because the FS is getting stiffed for costs associated with fighting fires on property other than those they manage.

Comes this from the Casper Star:
At issue are so-called county payments, a revenue sharing plan that’s existed since President Teddy Roosevelt created the national forests to protect timber reserves from the cut-and-run logging of the time. For nearly a century, hundreds of counties received a quarter of the revenue from the timber sold on federal land. In recent years, the law has acted as a subsidy for states and counties hard hit by logging declines triggered by measures to protect threatened species. The money is being used for roads, schools and emergency services and is a welcome addition to cash-strapped county coffers, especially in the Northwest.
RT @SDemergencyMgmt:
Gov. Daugaard has requested a Presidential Disaster Declaration to help #SouthDakota recover from an April 8-10, 2013, ice and snow storm.
We can expect that South Dakota's earth hater junior Senator will vote against Gina McCarthy, President Obama's pick for administrator of the The People's Environmental Protection Agency. The Hill reports that the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee will vote Thursday. McCarthy currently runs the Office of Air and Radiation and Sen. don Juan Thune has been bought off by Powertech Uranium, hoping to mine in the failed red state; its stock is nearly worthless.

The Once and Future Iliad:

Speaking of erectile dysfunction, the website of the National Republican Congressional Committee has been one big Viagra commercial. Some say it was hacked but we all know they're Geriatric Old Pricks anyway.

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