Saturday, August 11, 2012

Independents fleeing dying TEA Party; Romney's Bain built with money from Latin death squads

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Romney/Ryan republicans religionize retching, wrench raillery, then roar rather ridiculously and riotously:
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is facing new scrutiny over revelations he founded the private equity firm Bain Capital with investments from Central American elites linked to death squads in El Salvador. After initially struggling to find investors, Romney traveled to Miami in 1983 to win pledges of $9 million, 40 percent of Bain’s start-up money. Some investors had extensive ties to the death squads responsible for the vast majority of the tens of thousands of deaths in El Salvador during the 1980s. --Ryan Grim interviewed at DemocracyNow!
Robert Taylor at PolicyMic:
Back in 2007 while campaigning for the Republican nomination, Romney was asked by a wheelchair-bound man with a rare case of muscular dystrophy whether or not Romney would arrest him and/or his doctors who prescribed him marijuana. Romney turned his back on him and robotically reiterated his stance against medical marijuana.
From the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press:
More Americans now think that members of Congress who support the Tea Party are having a negative effect than said that in January, at the start of the new Congress. Currently, 29% judge the impact of Tea Party supporters as mostly negative compared with 22% who see their impact as mostly positive. At the beginning of the year, the balance of opinion was just the opposite: 27% said that Tea Party members in Congress would have a positive impact, while 18% expected a negative effect. The balance of opinion has changed the most among political independents. In January, by a margin of 29% to 14% independents expected that Tea Party members would have a positive effect. Currently, about as many independents say Tea Party members in Congress are having a negative effect (28%) as a positive effect (24%).
Now that Willard has chosen a rabid, desperately wounded catholic as a running mate, independents will flee the earth hater party in search of a more secular candidate like Gary Johnson. South Dakota and Montana might even go blue.

Kristi Noem: Member Insurance Likely Flip-flopping.

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