Authorities overwhelmed with reports of crazies

Today's intersection: mass murder and global warming. Let's review:

Timothy McVeigh was 27, Eric Robert Rudolph, part of the Christian Identity movement, was 30, Eric Harris was 18 and Dylan Klebold, 17, Seung-Hui Cho was 23, Nidal Hasan was 39, Jared Loughner, 22. Average age--25 years. The acts of domestic terrorism were all committed by these guys in red states.

All seven men were victims of bullying, isolation, and ostracism. All seven had histories of extensive video game exposure and easy access to firearms. Distrust of government was a factor in most, if not all of these episodes. Ted Kaczynski, likely master of the minds in all these events, punctuates this post since he resided in Montana, a red state when, at 36, his activism morphed. His case changes the average age to 26.5.

Bruce Edwards Ivins, the 55 year-old Zionist and anti-abortion anthrax weaponizer, deserves dyshonorable mention maybe because Maryland is a solidly blue state.

ip poll voters tell us that Jared Loughner's date with his story was not the result of rhetoric from the established Republican hate-speech machine (85%), although 14% of voting readers know better. Four respondents, however, tell us that they know a total of 65 people capable of desperate violence.

These latest findings scare the shit out of me and for the record, the author of ip does not vote on these polls.

Tucson is an ancient and strategic crossroads, a conspiracy analyst's wet dream.  Anyone that believes Jared Loughner is a random occurrence is likely terrifyingly mistaken.

Nina Totenberg interview on Arizona's KJZZ:

The Casper Star-Trib is always a trip into weirdness. Check this out:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation may be investigating the sovereign citizen movement in Wyoming, an agency spokesman said. "I can neither confirm nor deny that an investigation exists; this is a very sensitive subject," Dave Joly, spokesman for the FBI's regional office in Denver, said in March. Sovereigns who have embraced violence or the overt potential for it include:
•Oklahoma City bomber Terry Nichols in 1995.
•The Montana Freemen in 1996.
•Scott Roeder, who killed abortion doctor Joe Tiller in Wichita, Kan., in May 2009.
•Jerry Kane and his son Joseph Kane, who gunned down two policemen during a traffic stop in West Memphis, Ark., in May 2010.
Tom Morton of the Trib is doing a series on Wyoming's slide into red state failure. He goes on to say:

Jared Loughner, who in January killed six people and wounded more than a dozen others, including Democratic U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, had used the language and cited causes popular among some sovereigns, according to his writings and video statements, said movement-watcher J.J. MacNab. Some sovereigns locally and nationally have said Loughner's primary target was Arizona Chief U.S. District Judge John Roll because he had recently ruled against a program of President Obama.
What a surprise.

These events have mostly urban commonality occurring at greater frequency if temperatures from 1951-1980 are "normal:"
"The really hot spots certainly move around," Kevin Trenberth, of the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Colorado, said in a recent NPR interview. "You know, last year it was in the South, in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and Oklahoma. The previous year it was in Russia. The outstanding event in 2009 was down in Australia."
A former Koch-funded scientist recently acknowledged that the Anthropocene likely began about 270 years ago.

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