Holy Roman Kiddie Diddlers* done in by democracy

South Dakota is exporting its failed state status to pederastic Pennsylvania.

That's evidenced by former Rapid City bishop, Charlie Chaput, currently under fire for not doing enough to remove pedophile clergy.

Even his own cult members are akimbo. Max Lindenman assails the short guy running the Diocese of Brotherly Love in a catholic blog called Patheos with a post called Chaput and the Republic of Chickens:
“Democracy,” he told an audience at the Napa Institute this past July 26th, “is not an end in itself.” The mainstreaming of American Catholicism hasn’t made America more Christian, much less more Catholic; instead, it’s weakened Catholic witness. “Sooner or later,” Chaput warned, “a nation based on a degraded notion of liberty, on license rather than real freedom — in other words, a nation of abortion, disordered sexuality, consumer greed and indifference to immigrants and the poor — will not be worthy of its founding ideals.” Chaput might well approve some re-distribution of wealth. If there is a close-knit, censorious village somewhere missing an idiot, let it keep looking.
Religious freedom apparently implies fucking whomever you please regardless of whether it's legal or moral.

We know that Opus Dei is a cult of Fascists: now the 1% has selected two wounded rabid cult members as the standard-bearers for its earth hater party.

*Holy Roman Kiddie Diddlers℠ is a service mark of Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers.

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