Some shots of East River

evidence of a dying culture

Moody County

more Yeo Cemetery

Oak Lake a little piece of the North Woods 

Oak Lake in extreme eastern South Dakota is a Brookings water supply.  
A phallus competes for the skyline with ubiquitous wind turbines on Buffalo Ridge

no evidence of pine beetles, this grove likely killed by spray


Nadene said...

Fifty years have gone by and I remember our first day of school like yesterday... and lots of other days as well.

larry kurtz said...

My dad's grave is surrounded by Deitermans, Nadene: are we related somehow?

Nadene said...

Sorry to hear about your Dad, Larry... I don't think we are related. It seems that area of the cemetery has graves of some of the older families. My grandparents buried two babies and a young son there in the 20s and 30s. My guess is the proximity is related more to lot availability. Dad and others spent a lot of time there tearing out the old trees and planting new ones!