RNC kills facts; Checkers still dead

A live stream from Huffington Post provided the night's entertainment and elicited howls of laughter that echoed through the arroyo.

RT @NicholsUprising: Mitch McConnell starts convention w/telling reference to "Mitt Ryan..." Pretty much sums up where the night is headed. @thenation @edshow

rand paul's voice is a kazoo: he just invoked the white horse prophesy, cites ronny reagan, takes a cheap shot at army corps of engineers.

thune ignores american genocide: touts european takeover of continent. politifact called one comment, "a load of manure."

omg: did w marry his mother or what?

RT @ZerlinaMaxwell: I'm so embarrassed. #RNC2012

McCain clearly up after his bedtime: what time is it?

romney: israel not dead. preparing to move it to utah.

Condi: an Emperor Palpatine will guide us to the light. amerikan entitlement doesn't include membership at Augusta.

Huck flies Checkers flag.

RT @daveweigel: There's a two-drink minimum during Tim Pawlenty's speech.

Tim Pawlenty wouldn't know a community organizer unless he hired one: this guy caved under pressure from michele bachmann, fer crissakes.

ryan: your mom should be building bullets with recycled uranium to sell to syria or yemen!

ryan on veterans: we thank them (the poor schmucks).

42% of global military expenditures: ryan skips that dealio.

Ryan: best kind of church has a comfortable relationship with your pocket: government? not so much. the central planners swarming to repossess ryan's soul

RT @jeremyscahill: I get it. They are trying to overwhelm the Politifact system. Clever.

ryan: god, guns, guts, yeeahhhh!

Best speech of the pathetic pickings came from New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez: amazing what immersion in cultural diversity can do for an Texas oil-greased Republican.

interested party among most clicked headlines at lefty blogs.

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