Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gary Johnson added NM jobs, Willard freaking

Update, 12:54 MDT: Gary Johnson's numbers in New Mexico waning; but, so is Obama's lead, sez Public Policy Polling.

A Michigan Republican Secretary of State is a defendant in a suit brought by former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson. The Miami Herald filled in a little background telling readers that the drain-circling Romney campaign is scared spitless of the Libertarian.

Lifted from Glenn Garvin RT @GovGaryJohnson:
Romney’s political cronies in Michigan have gotten Johnson kicked off the November ballot there because he was three minutes late in filing some paperwork. With polls indicating the race for Michigan’s 16 votes is a dead heat, Romney’s camp doesn’t want to take any chances that Johnson, a former Republican who served two terms as governor of New Mexico, will siphon off any of his votes. But Johnson is actually much closer to the mainstream of American voters than he is to the fringes. Poll after poll show growing numbers of Americans are socially liberal and fiscally conservative. “I don’t think either major party embraces those values,” says Johnson. “I’m running in the same political category as most people in this country.” Jobs in New Mexico grew at a faster clip under Johnson than under any other former governor who ran for president this year — five times faster than they did in Massachusetts when Romney was governor.
Learn more about Gary Johnson here.

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