SDGOP split palpable

Without a Democrat in the race for South Dakota's lone US House seat Republicans have turned to battling one another for ideological purity. One has to look no further than the mouthpiece SDGOP operates from Brookings where portly pug Pat Powers points his puny pecker at the principled partisans pothering the pot within his perverting party.

Last year conservative broadcaster Shad Olson posted a blistering rejoinder at Powers' website, the South Dakota War Toilet and my home state’s most ardent purists are still hungering for principled conservatives to run in statewide elections. Olson, Stace Nelson, Neal Tapio and Lora Hubbel could be those candidates. Fact is: the best way to a strong multi-party system in South Dakota is for arch-conservatives to launch a fourth party as Libertarians compete with Democrats for third place.

Liz May is running against the incumbent Howdy Doody Dusty Johnson in the GOP primary for US House and many West River conservatives are running for seats in the State Senate and House of Representatives. But those races are not what caught my attention. Republicans who live on the tribal nations trapped in South Dakota are whining to the governor and legislators about the checkpoints keeping reservations isolated from infected white people.

Shad Olson makes Rush Limbaugh look like a socialist but Olson has turned on South Dakota's racist governor even posting the Lalo Alcaraz cartoon interested party published rankling some of the most rabid Rapid Citians.
Tribal land is sovereign land. A nation within a nation. That was the deal struck and consistently upheld by the courts. If natives want to police their borders and allow or deny entry based on perceived danger, America's native tribes have as much right to border security as America has to secure our southern border. Ironic and troubling that a Governor so keen on parroting Donald Trump's border immigration talking points would force a standoff that funnels her into terrible options on every hand. If you make a demand, you must be prepared to engage that demand with force. South Dakota history is rife with historical evidence of how and why nothing good ever comes from attempting to violate tribal sovereignty. And spare me the COVID hero mantra on Noem. Her tenure has been an unmitigated disaster on 39 different fronts. If you dispute that, you're probably on meth. Because she said so. So tired of team sport politics I could retch. [Shad Olson]
Sorry, dumbshits. They didn't launch "the flu" to kill Trump's economy and scuttle him politically. I know nine people nationally that have died of this disease. As Trump has said, I never knew anyone who died of the flu. Seriously embarrassed to know some of you. And it gets worse by the day. Stupid children. Just stop typing. You're stupid. And you're too stupid to know you're stupid. COVIDIOTS. [also Shad Olson]

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