Bundys continue to avoid justice while America burns

Protests continue after a white cop in Minneapolis assaulted a black man who later died from his injuries.

Over eight hundred people were arrested outside Standing Rock during the Dakota Excess demonstrations, 155 were arrested in Ferguson, Missouri after police killed an African-American and only four white people were arrested in Charlottesville after an armed confrontation with cops there. As most Americans know, if you're Black and/or Brown in the United Snakes you're more likely to be arrested for cannabis possession.

My home state of South Dakota is infamous for racism where a state trooper routinely spent his time systematically profiling cars with license plates from states with legal cannabis until a Washington man stood his ground. In Racist City, South Dakota Daniel Tiger chose to take out two enemy police personnel with him rather than be gunned down in cold blood like Christopher Capps was.

The sovereigns are overwhelmingly white christians using a maladapted interpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment to rationalize its commitment to a pending race war using links to the federal storming of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas and culminating in the Oklahoma City bombing. Bombs, wildfires, and mass shootings are just some of the tools of terror. It's likely that the FBI is stretched too thin to get ahead of the curve and it is hiding the scope of its findings to mask the extent of the hatred. In 2014 among 382 law enforcement agencies 74 percent reported anti-government extremism as one of the top three terrorist threats in their jurisdictions. 

Late in President Barack Obama’s second term a group of armed thugs, including a retired Air Force master sergeant from South Dakota allied with Cliven Bundy looted and occupied not a courthouse but a national wildlife refuge for forty days in none other than Harney County, Oregon. The extreme white wing of the Republican Party brands Black Lives Matter protesters as unemployed slackers but a horde of Huns that takes over a federal facility to hasten the End Days are called patriots.
Photos and social media posts showed militia training their rifles on armed [Bureau of Land Management] officers who had come to round up Bundy's cattle. Cliven Bundy has refused to recognize the federal government's ownership of millions of acres of public land — including in Nevada. The rancher has consequently not paid federal fees owed for grazing his cows on land near the Lake Mead National Recreation Area since the 1990s. A rebellious fight against tyranny, or justice against a family that has flaunted the law for decades, that's a question now before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco. The court takes up the appeal for a retrial in USA vs. Bundy in a virtual session on Friday. [NPR]

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