Red Lake Nation will vote on therapeutic cannabis

The Red Lake Nation in Minnesota will vote Wednesday on whether to allow therapeutic cannabis. If the referendum passes it would be the first legal application in Minnesota of cannabis flower and would expand the list of qualifying symptoms for tribal patients seeking treatment.

According to a report released last July by the Minnesota Department of Health over 70 percent of survey respondents said therapeutic cannabis was helping to ease their post-traumatic stress and most showed “clinically meaningful” reductions in the severity of their symptoms. Republicans in Minnesota's legislature have blocked legal cannabis for all adults denying the state needed revenue and leaving a thriving black market in place to enrich the law enforcement industry so Minnesota-based Vireo Health expanded into New Mexico's therapeutic cannabis market.
Minnesota residents diagnosed with the following conditions can be eligible for medical cannabis: cancer associated with severe/chronic pain, nausea or severe vomiting, cachexia or severe wasting, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, Tourette syndrome, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, seizures including those characteristic of epilepsy, severe and persistent muscle spasms including those characteristic of multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease including Crohn’s disease, terminal illness with a probable life expectancy of less than one year, Intractable pain, post-traumatic stress disorder, autism, obstructive sleep apnea and Alzheimer's disease. [Grand Forks Herald]
Hit hard by a virus outbreak the Apsáalooke Nation in southern Montana is also mulling legalization.

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