COVID-19 is protecting the Earth from some humans

Silver City, New Mexico has become a quiet town again after most mining operations have come to a grinding halt and just like during the last Great Depression Democrats are the leaders getting financial help for workers.
Chino suspended most operations April 11, and mine owner Freeport-McMoRan announced last week it would furlough 825 workers at Chino, roughly half the labor force, and asked employees to prepare for a mass layoff. At the Thursday meeting, Bill McCamley, Cabinet secretary for the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions, said that during the COVID-19 crisis, furloughed workers in any industry are able to apply and claim unemployment insurance benefits, just like workers who have been laid off. “As we get to where people are rehired, it is technically not allowed for workers to refuse [to go back to their] job,” McCamley continued, adding that there are new, COVID-19-specific guidelines being drawn up to expand “good cause” reasons for individual workers not to return. [Leaders talk help for Chino workers]
Not just in New Mexico but in my home state of South Dakota another Silver City is getting a reprieve from a foreign earth raper, too.
Mineral Mountain Resources Ltd. and Mineral Mountain Resources (SD) Inc. reports that a Phase III deep drill program has been finalized for its Standby Gold Project and is scheduled to start when the COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed. [Yahoo Finance]
ip photo: the New Deal mural entitled “Indian Bear Dance” was painted by Boris Deutsch in 1938 and is installed in the United States Post Office in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

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“F3 Gold has nearly 2,500 mining claims and wants to explore above the inlet to Pactola Reservoir; its claims extend into the lake.
Mineral Mountain Resources has mining claims on over 7,500 acres and is drilling on private land near Pe’ Sla, a major cultural site of the Lakota people. The site is so important that the Lakota and Dakota tribes purchased a portion of Pe’ Sla in order to protect it, without regard to the fact that it was already their land under the 1868 Fort Laramie Treaty.“ [Native Sun News]