Santa Fe Reporter picks Leger Fernandez to win District 3 Democratic primary

With New Mexico’s senior US Senator Tom Udall retiring and District 3 US Representative Ben Ray Lujan a shoo-in to replace him seven Democrats are vying for our party's nomination to crush whichever Earth hater survives the NMGOP primary.
Indeed, whomever wins this nomination needs to make a compelling argument for understanding the district's needs across intersectional spectrums of race, poverty and gender. Teresa Leger Fernandez makes that case. A staunch defender of reproductive freedom, Leger Fernandez won endorsements in this race from Emily's List, NARAL and Planned Parenthood's Action Fund. She supports a single-payer health care system with reasonable caveats. As an acequia commissioner, she understands and will protect New Mexico's resources. As a Homewise board member, she has hands-on knowledge of the local housing crisis. And as a lawyer who has represented tribal interests for decades, she has earned relationships and expertise that will be crucial in representing Gallup and portions of McKinley County—part of District 3—so devastatingly hit by the pandemic. Former New Mexico Deputy Secretary of State John Blair's government experience, emphasis on transparency and service to LGBTQ youth made him our close second choice and hopefully this is not his last run for public office. Former CIA Agent Valerie Plame clearly has government experience and connections—we have no doubt she can find another route back to Washington, DC if she wishes. [Santa Fe Reporter]
In 2017 Santa Fe resident and former Central Intelligence Agency operative Valerie Plame divorced Joseph Wilson then took tremendous heat after sharing a piece written by fellow CIA officer but conservative commentator, Philip Giraldi. Plame deleted her tweets and left twitter for three years but her biggest mistake was apologizing. Recall she tried to raise enough money to buy a majority of twitter stock to throw Donald Trump off the platform. Plame's paternal grandfather was Jewish. Wilson died in 2019.
Call it like it is. And if someone’s feelings are hurt, too bad. We don’t need a war with Iran because Israel wants one and some rich and powerful American Jews are happy to deliver. Seriously, we don’t need it. [America's Jews Are Driving America's Wars]
It's not like Giraldi is wrong. Israel is a rogue state with a criminal as her prime minister. Zionism is catholicism but with actual net worth and AIPAC is a terrorist organization just like the Roman church is an international crime syndicate. Israel should be a county in Utah or Nevada but the Israeli model of compelling military service and universal gun tolerance should be the future for the United States, too. Compulsory service might even reduce military adventurism and cowboy diplomacy.

Democrats in my home state weren't even able to field a challenger to US Representative Howdy Doody Dusty Johnson so Earth hating Nazis in South Dakota and Alabama are chortling that Democratic Party organizations in those states are struggling but in blue New Mexico where GOP former Governor Susana Martinez is being investigated for corruption the opposite is true. The New Mexico Republican Party is hurting so badly they brought in the Cheeto-dusted Führer last year to rouse their rabble.

The Trump Organization cancelled an auction of oil and gas leases in New Mexico Wednesday after a protest by Santa Fe-based Wild Earth Guardians.

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