Racist Rapid City ready to rupture

Daniel Tiger chose to take out two enemy police personnel with him rather than be gunned down in cold blood like Christopher Capps was.

Lakota Country Times editor and Native Sun News reporter, Karin Eagle is speaking out after another American Indian is killed in Rapid City.
"There's a lot of antagonizing factors that people aren't taking into consideration, that this isn't the first death by police," Eagle said. From Eagle's prospective, the mayor and city council are blatantly ignoring the issue. "At the city level no acknowledgement of the problem even exists. There can be no change unless somebody addresses it. The people in power need to address it," Eagle said. [KOTA teevee]
State officials are scrambling to address a problem that they created at Statehood.

The South Dakota GOP thrives on violence.

Under the Rounds and Daugaard administrations the rates of violent crime in the failed red state have increased dramatically. GOP leadership in the state, especially in Rapid City, has fostered conditions where reported aggravated assaults have increased 100%.

South Dakota's red state legislature loves violence but believes cannabis is evil. As the failed red state concentrates on cannabis interdiction and the incarceration of non-whites rather than on violent crime, the state's residents are falling through the cracks.

A heartbreaking plea from Pine Ridge appeared in the rez blogosphere recently:

"Far more harm than good has been done by the presence of Christian groups and non-profits on the reservation (non-profits are modern era heirs to the legacy of early Christian groups). Christianity and non-profits on reservations have mostly been about profiteering, exploitation, religious indoctrination, and culture subversion."

The GOP has failed: it's time for real leaders.

Bill Moyers reports on "Savage Anxieties:"


Tim said...

RCPD are very good at shooting first and covering their tracks later, they are not afraid to pull the trigger, expect a justified shooting ruling on this and business as usual.

larry kurtz said...

Tim: when the AG and judiciary is on the GOP dole nothing in Rapid City will change. Law is not order.

Anonymous said...

I don't trust the rapid city police. We were scammed by a company in Rapid City named Gold diggers Jewelry. The owners called up my family and threatened them for complaining about being scammed by gold diggers jewelry. We reported them to the rapid city police and they just laughed about it. Hahahah We will have the last laugh

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Anonymous said...

I had no idea of how racist and crooked the rapid city police were. All we did was report how we were scammed by a local company called gold diggers jewelry. Good thing we have the internet so we can expose these racist white trash losers in rapid city.

Ripped off by cindy and roger thompson rapid city!

larry kurtz said...

Curious: do you know whether Roger Thompson attended SDSU?

Anonymous said...

Not sure if that is the same roger thompson but the roger thompson of rapid city that works at gold diggers jewelry is one of the people that scammed my family for a felony amount.

Here is the crooks facebook so you can get a look at the inbred looking scammer.



We were going to take them to court but this is so much fun hahaha

larry kurtz said...

Thank you but he doesn't look like the guy with whom i went to SDSU.