Friday, June 7, 2019

Climate catastrophes are KXL teaching moments

Genesee & Wyoming, the parent company of the Rapid City, Pierre and Eastern Railroad, conducts the business on the west end of the state-owned track and operates on the right of way that intersects the proposed Keystone XL pipeline at Philip. Had the Quinn Dam just upstream of a RCPE washout failed one of its first casualties could have been the Keystone XL pipeline where it's proposed to cross the Bad River. The same geology that thwarts railroads and forces engineers to rebuild I-90 between Reliance and Rapid City and I-94 between Mandan, North Dakota and Billings, Montana every year also makes construction of the Keystone XL pipeline untenable.

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larry kurtz said...

The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe says vehicles connected to the Keystone XL pipeline were escorted off the Cheyenne River Reservation by Tribal Police on Monday. Tribal members identified the vehicles around five pm on Monday. Cheyenne River Sioux "Tribal Police then escorted the unknown number of vehicles off Reservation land from the direction they entered. A Tribal resolution states that quote “Any and all Keystone XL trucks and escort vehicle that drive onto our Reservation, be turned around immediately and go back the way they entered. The vehicles were first discovered by concerned Tribal members who saw them parked in a parking lot in Eagle Butte. Once the purpose of the cargo and identity of the company that hired the vehicles were determined, law enforcement escorted the vehicles east on US Highway 212. Tribal Chairman Harold Frazier says vehicles and personnel working on the pipeline are not welcome on the reservation and that unlike the United States, we welcome free speech and concerned citizens standing up for the law. Frazier added quote…'This is Sioux Territory, we will not stand for more encroachments and defilement of our land.'" [KCCR radio]