Daugaard making South Dakota perpetual federal disaster area, education wasteland

Update, 0745 MDT, 21 June:

Fact is: South Dakota relies on federal disaster aid to maintain its crumbling infrastructure.
Butte County Auditor Elaine Jensen said if FEMA were to reimburse the county they'd offer more reimbursement for projects that were contracted out. Jensen advised Adams to take detailed photos of the damage and include GPS coordinates because FEMA officials will likely not survey the area until all the damage has been repaired. Jensen added that FEMA may combine damage incurred in the Butte County flood event to damage incurred in the Wessington Springs tornado event because both events originated from the same storm system. The declaration of Butte County as an emergency disaster zone must be submitted to and approved by the state, and then submitted to and approved by the federal government in order for the county to receive any reimbursement for flood-related damage repairs. [Kaylee Tschetter, Black Hills Pioneer]

Where to start?
Gov. Dennis Daugaard declared a state of emergency and opened the State Emergency Operations Center early Tuesday morning to respond to severe flooding caused by torrential rains in southeast South Dakota. Heavy rainfall across much of southeast South Dakota closed roads, flooded streets and fields in several counties and greatly increased flows in the southern reach of the Big Sioux River. Representatives of key response agencies in the EOC will work with local and federal officials to monitor conditions and coordinate appropriate levels of response. [Josh Chilson, KSFY teevee]
Of course this governor doesn't want South Dakota students to have Liberal Arts educations, higher learning produces Democrats:
South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard has been talking to students about their post high school and career plans. At appearances at Girls State at USD, and at a summer training recognition, he told students to think about their futures before [they] decided on post high school education. And he said that doesn’t always involve a university. Daugaard says he is not pushing the state’s kids toward more blue collar jobs. Workforce development has been a priority of the Daugaard Administration. [WNAX Radio]
South Dakota's current governor says he's a conservative; yet, he has begged for billions from the Obama administration. His predecessor's office where he was lieutenant governor as well as his current bureaucracy have trafficked Native kids, exploited the federal EB-5 green card scam, are quietly expanding a Medicaid safety net for, and giving raises to, those not yet voting for his party.

Joe Lowe called South Dakota's current governor incompetent and uninterested in governing.

Candidate Dennis Daugaard drew gasps from a State Fair audience in 2010 when he said: “I am skeptical about the science that suggests global warming is man-caused or can be corrected by man-made efforts."

My home state deserves thoughtful, Democratic leadership.

Send Susan Wismer some money.

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