Nelson, Hubbel honest voices for hope, change in DC, Pierre

Will the bodies of Boz and Ravnsborg be found in shelter belts with shotguns tied to trees like another Rounds staffer's was?

South dakota has seized thousands of American Indian children it marketed to a white foster care industry. Mike Rounds is guilty of genocide. As a CASA volunteer Representative Stace Nelson picked up the pieces shattered by the Rounds/Daugaard years.

Earth hater Lora Hubbel is not nearly as crazy as once believed: she would not commit to endorsing the current South Dakota governor after the primary, supports Stace Nelson, and will vote for Gordon Howie for US Senate if a former South Dakota governor wins that contest.

She is a climate denier like the current governor is, wants to drill baby spill, wants the state to own most federal ground, believes the Indians should drill baby spill, believes government and business should be separate but religion should not be.

Hubbel talked about Minnesota's state-backed cannabis compromise: one I support completely, too. These products should be taxed as traditional pharmaceuticals are and be dispensed by pharmacists.

Comfortable in her skin, she believes in strict adherence to the national earth hater platform, and perishes the thought of living in Pierre, ghastly as it is.

Good on Patrick Lalley: fun show.

Cannabis use by adults for reasons other than medical need is protected by the Ninth Amendment of the US Constitution and the state is empowered to tax it by the Tenth. Industrial cannabis should be organic and free of genetic engineering.

South Dakota voters have had it with single-party rule in the chemical toilet. Registration trends show that Democrats are signing up as earth haters and GOPers are leaving that party to become unaffiliated with any political organ.

Joe Lowe called South Dakota's current governor incompetent and uninterested in governing while Lora Hubbel has the fire in her belly. Democrats have two capable executive-level candidates in our gubernatorial primary: let unaffiliated voters nominate our choice for November. A debate between Susan Wismer and Lora Hubbel would certainly be the highlight of the general election season.

We certainly don't agree with everything Stace Nelson believes in but he is honest to a fault: a trait sorely lacking in any of the other candidates in South Dakota's GOP US Senate primary.

Dems registered as GOPer are providing opportunities to put nominees in place in the US Senate and gubernatorial earth hater primaries that don't have the power that unlimited cash resources affords the front-runners.

David Montgomery tweeted this map. West River GOP establishment wants Howie out of the general and will not vote for Rounds. The East River GOP establishment has its areolae in the wringer. West River will be strong Rhoden/Nelson, East River strong Rounds/Nelson.

Monkey wrenchers: make it so.

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Hey Larry it's Lynn from Madville

This time it probably won't be a stick or twig that is rigged to pull the trigger but maybe a deer hoof from a supposed deer going by panicking with part of it's hoof caught in the trigger. The shotgun just happens to be in the wrong place and boom! Another accident!