Tuesday, May 10, 2011

South Dakota's earth-hating governor grovels before the Feds

So, this is how red states finance infrastructure improvements. Expect the same swindle next year.

You just can't make this shit up. From the Rapid City Journal:
The request covers 28 counties where preliminary assessments show more than $7.1 million in damage to roads, culverts, bridges and other public infrastructure. The governor in his letter to President Barack Obama says soil in many parts of the state already was saturated before getting hit with winter snowfall ranging from 50 to 100 inches.
Wise up, you stupid fuckers!

The Colorado River system has reached "peak water;" it is dry before it reaches the Sea of Cortez:

If East River would either carve ice out of the James and Big Sioux Rivers, load it onto side-dump railcars or pump flood water into tank cars, or both, then dump it into the Colorado's closest tributary, the Green River in Wyoming, South Dakota could sell that water to Las Vegas and Phoenix. Montana is also facing flooding this Spring. Governor Schweitzer: sell that water instead of leaving it in an already saturated Missouri River system.

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