Monday, December 23, 2013

Pierre pork pending

South Dakota's extremist legislature is gearing up for another session of denying residents their civil, reproductive, water and property rights. Infrastructure in the state's isolated capital is breaking down and Pierre's mayor is up to her areolae in red state problems.

Want to read between the political lines? Some snips from KCCR's daily news cast:
Pierre city crews are working again today on repairing a water service line that has left about 25 customers without water.
Pierre city commissioners tonight are expected to consider approval of contracts with unions that represent two sets of city employees. Mayor Laurie Gill said at last week’s meeting, the city had finalized contracts with the unions that represent the civilian employees and the employees at the Pierre Police Department. Those contracts do not include those employees classified as management. The city’s contract with the union representing the city’s electrical department employees is in the middle of a two year contract and does not have to be renewed at this time.
A subcommittee of the Public Facilities Task Force met last Thursday to consider the issue of space needs for the city and the county. Both governmental entities are using old buildings that would need extensive renovation. While a consultant says he understands that the public wants to know if there is support to build a recreation-events center in Pierre, he says the process is not at that point yet.
The state's disgraced economic development bureau just announced that a company cited by U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration for its record of workplace violations is opening a division in South Dakota. Not surprisingly, the state's junior senator is condemning OSHA for trying to keep children safe.

South Dakota: Land of Infinite Bridges to Nowhere.

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