Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pierre air service bridge to nowhere

Great Lakes Airlines, which connects Pierre to both Minneapolis and Denver, has struggled this fall flying all of its flights. One of the reasons is new federal guidelines that require co-pilots to have more flying hours. When Great Lakes does not have enough pilots who meet those requirements; that means cancellations or delays in flights. [KCCR]

It's so cold in Pierre today that Marty Jackley has his hands in his own pockets:
South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley says he will not allow members of the media to review investigative records into the death of a former state economic development director because a family member has not given written permission. [AP, KDLT]
Some have called for Jacklow's recusal in Benda-gate.

Even Sibby is on it.

Bob Mercer is reporting that Building South Dakota Fund has denied "one infrastructure improvement grant that was requested by the city of Pierre for $354,285 related to the Menard’s hardware store project."

Corruption in Pierre is nothing new. Water lines breaking, sinkholes, polyandry: just another day in the ditch, right? Now, sprawl threatens the town's historic core and locally-owned businesses:
During the organization’s quarterly update to the city commission on Tuesday, Pierre Economic Development Corp. Executive Director Jim Protexter revealed several current growth opportunities and challenges for the city. PEDCO has received three inquiries lately from businesses looking to go into the northeast part of Pierre, he said. One was from a realtor in Omaha for an undisclosed national retailer that Protexter said was probably a big box store that would go in near the future home improvement store. However, he has not heard back from the interested party in about three weeks, he said. [Pierre Capital Journal]
Just a reminder: former SOS Gant employee, Pat Powers fled his hometown, least twice...for the Peoples Republic of Brookings. Why? Because the state's capital is a shit hole.


Duffer said...

what'd they used to say in East River?

Go west til you smell it, then north til you step in it.

In '64 I was new in town, standing in front of the F.W. Woolworth store across from the Fed'ral building. Reading the "historical site" placard posted on the side-walk there. Dried-up sweet-clover tumble-weed blows across the street. Sign says "Pierre Was a Cowtown".

Mumble to self . . . . was ?

Escape three years later. Guess you have to drown in the culture there to like it.

That's interesting.

larry kurtz said...

A Democrat winning the executive's chair could flush the ditch and the loosen the grip law enforcement has on the town.

Always good to have you, Duff.