Mercer: South Dakota eating its young

Marion's Gardens in Fort Pierre held a contest of lights and cash prizes awarded in various categories:
*** Brightest: First Place, Jim Seward residence.
South Dakota Game, Fish, and Plunder tortured then slaughtered a cougar in the home of Wall Drug owned by the Hustead family. They brought Catholic clergy to the Wall area who then abused and exploited American Indian children and have given generously to the state's Republican Party.

Scientists are learning that the Yellowstone supervolcano is about two and half times as large as once believed.
We’re headed toward a generational cliff. We don’t have enough young people to replace the retiring people. That’s especially true in the ranks of professionals and craftsmen who make our economy go. You see it on our Main Streets and dairy farms too. The population segment with the greatest growth is young American Indians. But the academic gap is deep, and we have blown through another generation without addressing it. Our Republican administration in state government refuses to expand Medicaid to cover lower-income workers. Money, excitement and nice apartments are great attractors for many young people. Are we sending any messages about those things? [Bob Mercer, Pierre Capital Journal]
Great sentence about Benda-gate from Cory at Madville Times:
For Jackley to imply that he can't look into questions about state Grant #1434 because the money ultimately ended up in the hands of dudes administering the federal EB-5 program is like saying he can't investigate my stealing money out of his pocket because I used that money to bribe an IRS agent.
Rewild the West.

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