Hollenbeck: Fall River County a sacrifice zone

Mark Hollenbeck of Fall River County is an earth hater. He is a crook, a tool for uranium mining interests, his ranch consists of stolen treaty ground, and he uses cattle to destroy some of the most culturally sensitive land in the Black Hills. His father, Bud, now deceased, was the world's worst poker player: I took thousands from him.

Again, the Rapid City Journal gave this loser a forum following the Pro Publica exposé of EPA's choice to sacrifice clean water for yellow cake exploitation:
Since the Dewey-Burdock Project is on the opposite side of the Black Hills from Rapid City, the geology and abundance of water in that part of the Madison will absolutely protect all other users of the Madison, especially any user east of the Hills. In order to operate, Powertech must satisfy the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s requirements for two water-related permits and obtain three water-related permits from the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), in addition to the NRC license and BLM Plan of Operation.
This guy blamed the Forest Service for protecting ancient pictographs; and, as the FS is under the management of Democrats, he flails his arms as if he is a victim of the White Draw Fire.

Hollenbeck's theatrics performed on his own mortgaged-up-to-his-areolae front deck for campaigning politician, Sen. John Thune (earth hater-SD) are laughable.

Fuck these people. DENR is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the South Dakota Republican Party: expect them to just bend over...again.

Bloomberg said drilling starts with acceptance of surety bond, that tax incentives have been offered, and Powertech is trading at .13: so much for market confidence.


Duffer said...

Holiday Cheer Kurtz!

Where would we be without your smacking these fuckers? Keep up the good fight.

Should we ever stumble in to the same place . . . beerz on me.


larry kurtz said...

Who else is going to slap these dickheads, Duff? They all have their hands in each others' pants and pantyhose.

larry kurtz said...

More on tribes and Black Hills water rights here.