Northern states becoming more populous, older, whiter

As humanity awaits a new normal definition of mentally ill, global warming is sustaining higher numbers of people in historically inhospitable climates.

White retirees are sucking up land in The West: Montana has reached a million in population. North Dakota's earth raping has created a male-dominated spike, South Dakota and Wyoming are breeding more.
In terms of actual population numbers, California, with 38 million people, is still No. 1. It was followed by Texas at 26 million; New York, 19.5 million; Florida, 19.3 million; Illinois, 12.8 million; Pennsylvania, 12.8 million; Ohio, 11.5 million; Michigan, 9.9 million; Georgia, 9.9 million; and North Carolina, 9.7 million. Texas saw the largest growth, with an additional 427,425 people. California was second with 357,497 people, and Florida came in third with 235,306. Regionally, population growth was fastest in the South, followed in order by the West, Northeast and Midwest. --Lorna Thackeray, Billings Gazette.
New Mexico has grown about 1/3 of a percent. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

Neocolonialism is being lost on white people: the beneficiaries of violence.

Sociopathy is not the absence of God: it is the manifestation of creating miscreants of a species mutating as response to the evil being perpetrated on Earth.

Chaos has clearly triumphed over the perceived capitalistic order perpetuated by consumerism.

Find a hot springs near you and go soak with someone you love.

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