Crapo laps Craig; NRA greased Thune, Noem

Sidearms for the pre-born!

These redstaters have A+ ratings from the National Rifle Association, the country's preeminent apologist for death and destruction.

Crapo’s “mistake” was not on the same level as former Sen. Larry Craig’s “mistake” at a Minneapolis airport bathroom in 2007. It was worse. Crapo could have killed himself, or somebody else — which is a lot more serious than toe-tapping in a restroom stall. --Idaho Statesman editorial board.
Hypocritheocrisy exposed...again!

South Dakota's don Juan Thune and Krusti Noem have A+ and A ratings from the NRA. Thune got $7500 in 2010 and Noem got two large from the haters this past cycle.

In a related story from the Russia Times:
93-year-old Mikhail Kalashnikov, the inventor of the world’s most popular automatic rifle, has been admitted to a cardiology hospital in Izhevsk, in the Urals. The engineer’s health is said to have worsened during a routine check up on December 20, with Kalashnikov residing in intensive care ever since. His son insists the inventor is just undergoing routine procedures.
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"Idaho GOP Sen. Mike Crapo arrested for DUI after running red light." GOP calls for elimination of all red lights due to their liberal bias.

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