Saturday, July 7, 2012

Thune/Hollenbeck propaganda comes to the RCJ

Mark Hollenbeck of Fall River County is an earth hater: he is a tool for uranium mining interests, his ranch consists of stolen treaty ground, and he uses cattle to destroy some of the most culturally sensitive land in the Black Hills (his father, Bud, is the world's worst poker player: I have taken thousands from him). He blames the Forest Service for protecting ancient pictographs; and, as the FS is under the management of Democrats, he flails his arms as if he is a victim of the White Draw Fire.

Hollenbeck's theatrics performed on his own mortgaged-up-to-his-areolae front deck for campaigning politician, Sen. John Thune (earth hater-SD) are laughable.

Andrea Cook participates in the illusion with her story in the Rapid City Journal. This sentence is pure bullshit:
The fire consumed federal and private land, destroying pastures used for summer grazing.
This fire consumed plants not land, it destroyed no pastures, only some dead grass, a few fence posts, some junipers, some ponderosa pine and sagebrush.

The Forest Service may be broken; but, it is bound by policy and protocol, not to some ranting, raving murder of Fall River County crows with its beady little eyes on big, fat relief checks.

From A New Century of Forest Planning:
Translated: Another airtanker crashed killing four crewmen while dropping retardant on a fire in ponderosa pine forest and grass openings that threatens no homes or communities.


Thad Wasson said...

What poker hall do you frequent?

larry kurtz said...

Haven't played for a while, Thad.

I met Bud Hollenbeck at the Franklin Hotel when Mike O'Connell was there then moved to the DT when Mike bought it, and played at the Gold Dust where they used to have a good game after Mike died.

Now The Lodge at Deadwood is probably the best game in town.