Ice festival bolsters Bozeman bottom line; Lead? Meh

When it was made illegal in 1939, cannabis was the active ingredient in dozens of medicines marketed by Merck, Eli Lilly, Parke Davis, and other pharmaceutical companies.--William C. Shelton.

The site of future warp history is showing how winter destinations make sense right now:
The artificial climbing wall is making its debut at the 16th annual Arc’teryx Bozeman Ice Festival, which kicked off Thursday. This is the first year that the festival, which features numerous clinics in Hyalite Canyon and draws thousands of participants, has extended its activities to town. Proceeds from this week’s festival go to helping the Forest Service keep Hyalite Road plowed in the winter, a practice that began just two years ago. --Whitney Bermes, Bozeman Daily Chronicle
Oh well.

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A New Century of Forest Planning tells readers that the service sector is driving the growth numbers in the West.

Great piece from Dan Boyce at Montana Public Radio:

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