Tribe enters energy agreement with lab; the rights of nature

@SanfordLab: What is the Long Baseline Experiment (LBNE) and why is an underground facility essential to its success?

KUNM brought news that the Navajo, one of the largest tribes in the US, has entered a three-year pact with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. The Arizona Business Journal has the story:
The lab signed a memorandum of understanding with the Navajo Nation, which covers 27,425 square miles of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah in the “Four Corners” area where the states meet Colorado. Steve Grey of Livermore Lab helped put together the agreement, which promises technical help with “energy security; carbon sequestration; coal gasification; shale gas; enhanced oil recovery; wind, geothermal and solar; environmental studies and other areas.”
Earth has rights. More from KUNM:
On Thursday UNM will host a talk by guest speaker Thomas Linzey. Linzey, who works with the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, is becoming known across the country for helping individual communities ban environmentally-damaging practices on a local level. He spoke recently with KUNM’s Sidsel Overgaard.
ALEC, the John Birch Society, and other earth haters are scared shitless of cooperation through community organizing: witness the movement to end collective bargaining and trade unions.

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