Eff Bob Mercer: Cronin bill targets Native sovereignty; Custer County and FLDS

Update, 4 Feb: Mr. Mercer said it wasn't his fault.

ip is blocked from dissent. The apologist for the SDGOP purged all dissenting comments from Pure Pierre Politburo. Rep. Justin Cronin (earth hater-23), ALEC Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force Member is pushing a bill that represents a chilling effect on tribal sovereignty.

The Koch wing of the earth hater party is stoking the coming race war.

Custer County is having a war of wordlessness with the FLDS according to Jason Ferguson of the malnamed Custer Chronicle:
After several months of receiving rambling emails about apocalyptic-like letters from the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS), the Custer County Commission has decided enough is enough. The commission voted unanimously to direct county auditor Linda Nelson to refuse to sign for what have become weekly priority mail letters for the commission.
@EnergyCommerce Energy Commerce Dems: Rep. Waxman Questions GOP's Special Treatment for #Koch Industries. #KXL #KeystoneXL

Denise Juneau is Montana's Superintendent of Public Instruction and is the first Native American in Montana history to win a statewide election. She attended the Harvard University Graduate School of Education. Here is a snip from an interview with her in The Nation.
I see our public schools in Montana performing very well. We don’t have charter schools. We have a few private schools. We have a group of people who want to privatize public education in our state and we consistently fight it back. Our public education system does a great job. I don’t think it’s broken. We aren’t interested in doing reform for reform’s sake. I believe in public education; it did a great job for me. It deserves our support and encouragement.


Kal Lis said...

Any insight on this story?


Anonymous said...

Dr. Newquist has a story at Northern Valley Beacon, LK.

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anon was ip.

larry kurtz said...

A little more background, LK.