Thune touts earth hatred; Mexico is failed state

Senator don Juan Thune (earth hater-SD) has no life outside Washington, DC. His entire career consists of bible college, law school, a master's in public administration, lobbying, and DC.

Now he passes for straight in Politico:
Approving the Keystone XL pipeline, streamlining how offshore and onshore permits are issued, lifting the offshore oil and gas moratorium in the Eastern Gulf and Atlantic and Pacific Coasts, relaxing boutique fuel requirements, opening offshore areas of Alaska and Alaska’s North Slope and stopping new regulations that will drive up the price of gasoline are just a few of the actions that could be taken today to open up domestic energy resources and ease Americans’ pain at the pump.
Cushing, Oklahoma can't handle more crude so TransCanada intends to build the southern portion of Keystone XL.

Higher gasoline prices are contraindicated for the poorest Americans, no doubt about it. Support more mass transit: especially in rural development strategies.

John Thune is mouthing earth hater boilerplate as a short-lister for veep: ignore his ranting.

KANW is New Mexico Public Radio. An interview with Dr. David Shirk affirmed what ip already knows.

Statehood for Mexico.

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oops: strike law school....