Brezsny: more sex for ip?

In the interest of full disclosure it should be noted that ip doesn't have a spiritual bone in his body...save: one.

So, maintaining my criteria for a long-term romantic partnership has been somewhat of a mixed bag: she can't have a higher BMI than i have; she can't be fertile; she can't have a hairdo; she can't own a dog; and, she has to know who Nina Totenberg is. Yes, one or more has (have) been waived...simple, right?

Free Will Astrology is just one of Rob Brezsny's artistic enterprises: he is also a published author having penned Pronoia is the Antidote for Paranoia.

The Missoula Independent runs Rob's column on Tuesdays; he is a Cancerian as is ip. From this week's Indy:
CANCER (June 21-July 22): On average, an adult on planet Earth has sex 103 times a year. But I’m guessing that in the immediate future, Cancerians everywhere may be motivated to exceed that rate by a large margin. The astrological omens suggest that your tribe’s levels of sensual desire may reach astronomical heights. Do you know anyone you’re attracted to who might be willing help you out as you follow your bliss? If not, be your own Valentine. One way or another, it’s prime time to celebrate your relationship with eros.
This blogger read the Sandy Geffre article in the Black Hills Pioneer about Tim Johns' District 31 candidacy and began a post, but was beaten to publishing it by Bob Mercer. ip won't double it except to say that kurtz has a lengthy history in Johns' courtroom as a defendant...likely as the result of an addiction to sex.

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You went to court in the john?? Wow.