Former Rapid City bishop fully engaged in 'kulturkamf'

The Archbishop leading the assault on the White House is a short guy (not to mention a Two-Spirit of the first order). He entered seminary to dodge the draft, avoided service in Vietnam, and served as bishop of Rapid City from 1988 to 1997:
Chaput is a professed Capuchin and has a reputation as an outspoken conservative. A member of the Prairie Band Potawatomi tribe, he is the second Native American to be ordained a bishop in the United States, and the first Native American archbishop.
Bill Blankenship of The Topeka (Kansas) Capital-Journal:
Chaput didn’t grow up in the Potawatomi culture, but he told The Topeka Capital-Journal in 1998 when it named him a Kansan of Distinction that in the Diocese of Rapid City where more than 40 percent of Catholics are American Indians, he discovered his own native roots.
From American Thinker:
Conservative commentator and talk show host Hugh Hewitt (who is Catholic) declared a kulturkamf the same day. That's German for "culture war." It harks back to the persecution of the Catholic Church in Prussia under Bismarck.
Being six feet under makes Chaput an unlikely defender of birth control.

Doug Wiken takes The Church to task for its hypocritheocrisy at Mount Blogmore:
Consider that, in interpreting the Selective Service Act, the Supreme Court extended the definition of “conscientious objection to war” to include beliefs arising from any system of thought which played the same role in the life of a non-religious person as religion plays in the life of a believer. BTW, what if a church objects to infant male circumcision on religious grounds? Does it have to buy health insurance for its employees that pays for that?
Viagra coverage means breeding more paying Catholics to settle Church sex abuse lawsuits: NPR.

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