Please, God: make Bachmann their nominee; Superfund inadequate at Harding County nuke sites

While Michele Bachmann was saying this:

President Carter was doing this en Español:

Jimmy Carter has a Nobel Prize for Peace; Michele Bachmann has David Koch's and Karl Rove's hands up her dress:

From Michelle Goldberg's piece at The Daily Beast:

A former North Dakota pawnshop owner who ostensibly found Jesus while serving a prison sentence in the 1980s, Vennes emerged as a pillar of Minnesota’s conservative Christian community. Then, according to the indictment, he channeled millions into a Ponzi scheme run by the businessman Thomas J. Petters, who is now serving 50 years in federal prison. While it lasted, this fraud made Vennes very rich. He donated several thousand dollars to Tim Pawlenty’s 2002 gubernatorial campaign, and sat on the board of Teen Challenge, a faith-based drug rehab program, with Pawlenty’s wife, Mary. In 2006, according to the Star Tribune, he was the top donor to Michele Bachmann’s congressional campaign. In 2002, Senator-elect Norm Coleman, another recipient of Vennes campaign cash, wrote a letter to Karl Rove saying he was joining Texas attorney Jack Ladd, Minnesota GOP Chairman Ron Eibensteiner “and Governor-elect Tim Pawlenty in urging President Bush to grant Frank Vennes a Presidential Pardon.” In 2007, Michele Bachmann wrote her own letter in support of a Vennes pardon.

The most recent interested party poll overwhelmingly suggests that Bob Newland should shit or get off the pot (funny, huh? i crack myself up).

Microsoft takes a step closer to two-way wrist tv. Next, warp drive:

Marshall Barnes, a nationally noted research and development engineer in advanced concept science and technology who has been linked to the development of the first prototype for warp drive, called the STDTS, announces that he will be releasing a paper that will be the ultimate work on warp drive physics to date.
The Obama administration moves to save 250 species from the United Snakes:

Interior Department officials say Tuesday that the proposal stems from a court agreement with environmentalists. The agency has been sued numerous times over its handling of species as diverse as greater sage grouse and Canada lynx. Those are included on a long list of fish, birds, mammals, plants and even snails that scientists say need greater protections.
EPA is currently powerless to act on a Duke University fracking study. From USA Today via the Headwaters News feed:

Researchers tested 60 wells last year for methane and found that 13 of the 26 wells within a kilometer of "hydrofracking" sites had elevated methane levels, some to the point where the water could catch fire.

From Talli Nauman of Native Sun News as posted at indianz.com:

A bankruptcy accord allots the federal government less than $7.4 million for disposal of massive amounts of abandoned radioactive uranium tailings and toxic waste that Kerr-McGee Corp. left at several open pit mines upstream from the Standing Rock and Cheyenne River Sioux Indian reservations. The U.S. Forest Service set a May 12 public meeting date for experts to discuss details of the far-reaching corporate bankruptcy case and explain the Superfund activities for burial of the exposed waste at the 325-acre Riley Pass Mines Site in the North Cave Hills of Custer National Forest. Defenders of the Black Hills is collecting signatures on a letter to President Barack Obama in hopes of promoting the cleanup of the contaminated sites.


freegan said...

please god dont, we need peace not more hate. as you know I think it really doesn't matter who is pres he or she must answer to their corporate masters

caheidelberger said...

Carter = Obama. Funny. Both men sent U.S. helicopters into a Muslim nation on a covert mission. Carter's mission failed. Obama's mission succeeded. If the GOP perpetuates the Carter-Obama meme, it opens up a conversation that only highlights further President Obama's effectiveness. Yes, please, Michele, keep it up.

larry kurtz said...

hipnoid: of course it matters; it's the Prez's rich guys against their rich guys.

Cory: President Carter's legacy is a little like an ongoing American beatification.

freegan said...

Ron Paul on The Dylan Ratigan Show (5/16/2011)RON PAUL 2012!!