Volunteers needed for APEC Big Sky; Tony Dean still dead

Senator Max Baucus announced last September that Big Sky, Montana will host the Asia-Pacific Economic Conference May 6-23:

The meetings will bring cabinet-level representatives from 21 countries, along with hundreds of other officials, to Big Sky to discuss ways to deepen the trade and economic relationships of APEC's member countries.
Dr. Linda M. Young tells us in Big Sky Political Analysis, the blog of the Montana State University Political Science Department:

Members account for 41% of the world’s population, 54% of the world’s GDP and 44% of world trade. Sixty percent of US exports are destined for APEC members, which also account for 6 out of 10 of our top trading partners. US goods trade (both imports and exports) with APEC members was $1.6 trillion in 2009 and service trade was $303 billion in 2008.
From the Lone Peak Lookout:

To help ensure that the attendees are all well taken care of, the U.S. State Department is asking for Montana Host volunteers from Big Sky to help manage certain aspects of the APEC conference. Volunteers will act as meeting room attendants, check badges and credentials, give directions, work in the document center and at the information desk, assemble materials for attendees, help with special events and more. "The work is easy, fun, educational and essential for the success of this conference," said Cathy Gorman, Montana Host volunteer coordinator. "This is a great chance to serve our country and to get an inside look at our government at work." Due to security clearances, volunteers will be required to put in one week's worth of assistance, be it in a row or throughout the conference. Gorman plans to schedule volunteers whenever they are available to work. Volunteer training will be held on March 31 from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Big Sky Resort's Dunraven Room. Prospective volunteers should confirm the dates that they wish to participate with Gorman by March 21.
Meanwhile, Kevin Woster reports on what ip already knew: Tony Dean is still dead as South Dakota slides deeper into red state failure. His list of opposers seems to suggest that there are twelve grazing permits that should be sought after and secured.

A representative from Senator Johnson's DC office returned my call a week ago and told me what she told KW. I neglected to inform readers; I'm a dullard and a dolt.

Kevin also brings yet another story of deceit and pending environmental disaster. Fracking to extract uranium is earth-shattering.

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caheidelberger said...

APEC in Montana?! Wow! You and the goddess should go volunteer and beam out clandestine pix! What a live-blogging opportunity!

Of course, I'm sure they'll have some volunteer agreement forbidding secret video, just like factory farms in Iowa. (Let your metaphorical mind run riot on that one.)


larry kurtz said...

What an opportunity, huh? Joani's daughter is the manager of Rainbow Ranch at Big Sky; she enlisted us several weeks ago.

freegan said...

Think postindustrial

freegan said...

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