Apache 8: native women wildfire crew; Carter in Cuba

KUAZ brings a story of hope and sisterhood in this Arizona film documentary produced by Native American Public Telecommunications:

Apache 8 tells the story of an all-women wildland firefighter crew from the White Mountain Apache Tribe, who have been fighting fires in Arizona and throughout the U.S., for over 30 years. Four extraordinary women from different generations of the Apache 8 crew share their personal narratives with humor and tenderness.

Sen. Max Baucus in the Montana Standard on the deficit:

1. Stop erroneous tax refunds for prisoners
2. Cut aid to Iraq, which is running a budget surplus
3. Cut aid to Pakistan, which hasn't spent last year's aid
4. Limit the number of government employee credit cards
5. Cut unneeded Census funding
6. Carry out the Defense Department's plan to reduce reorganization funding
7. Make NASA deliver on existing projects before funding new programs
8. Cut millions of dollars for rehabilitating lakes in the desert
9. Eliminate the duplicative federal agency that focuses on development for Alaska only
10. Eliminate highspeed rail funding for East Coast cities
Al Jazeera reports that former President Jimmy Carter is in Cuba:

Carter last visited Cuba in 2002, in a groundbreaking trip that made him the only US president, former or sitting, to visit Cuba since a 1959 revolution brought Fidel Castro to power. In his 2002 visit, Carter urged Washington to end its long trade embargo against Cuba.

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