Deadwood's Pineview Building at risk

The Pineview Apartments in Deadwood were still housing residents in 1987 when the Syndicate Building burned to the ground. I'll never forget the play-by-play account by storied KSQY disk jocks, Jack Daniels and Tom Collins, whose studio was across the street.

From the Rapid City Journal:

Deadwood officials will meet today to determine which streets and sidewalks need to be shut down adjacent to an aging building at 25 Lee St. for public safety and how pedestrian and vehicular traffic will be rerouted. The Pineview Building is slowly deteriorating, the city ruled. It is threatening the Gold Dust Casino and Hotel, as well as the Holiday Inn Express Hotel and other surrounding businesses. Code officials have deemed the building unsafe and ruled it is unlawful for someone to enter it, due to instability.

Got $4.5 million?

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